Relax in lingerie tips for women and girls

Hi all ,here I will share a daily tips in choosing women's lingerie. Of course you all already know. that the production of women's lingeries in the world really fast. but the women should be proud of it now I'll give that you understand and understands in choosing lingerie for women and girls,like bra, underwear ..etc

sexy american girls underwear models

1. Find the underwear and bra that's produced by 100% of cotton materials so that easily absorb sweat.
2. Do not often use the "Hot Pants" because sweat is not absorbed 100% it will cause odor and bacteria around your genitals. Note: Hot pants for use only in gymnastics or sports but not for bathing suits.very sexy under wear model girl photo3. Use appropriate bra size of your sexy 36 boobs. so that does not irritate skin in the shoulder and armpit. Find a bra that match your body shape ,so you look sexy.
4. Especially for you, girls. the underwear to you when you come menstruation ,in order not to leave stains on your favorite underwear.

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